Thursday, 30 April 1998

possible/impossible transformation

a careful experiment in possible/impossible transformation in the courtyard, UWIC, Howard Gardens, Cardiff from 14.00 until it is finished or failed.

chrysalis, 1. a quiescent pupa of a butterfly or moth 2. a preparatory transitional state (L f. Gk khrusallis - idos f. khrusos gold) cocoon, a silky case spun by many insect larvae for protection as pupae.

I sewed myself into the fabric but the thread only went over the body not under. I went right up my torso and neck and some of my arms before sewing myself into it.
To release myself I cut the fabric only, I am very flexible of the arm (of the body, hyper mobility they call it) and could get the scissors to behind my head. I then cut down the back of body and limbs and emerged. It was very peaceful and concentrated, with a passing audience. Slightly damp. No-one saw me emerge.