Monday, 31 July 2000

Diversions Dance Company

Residency with the dancers alongside Richard Powell.
site specific work in the Centre for Visual Arts, Caerdydd

Richard and I worked setting tasks, opening discussion and facilitating.

Old Stone: on paper, on cloth

Ceredigion Museum,

photographs, mainly details, of early Welsh crosses, with John Sharkey.

Sunday, 30 April 2000

Midnight Feast

Midnight Feast

video installation in Matinee a selected group show
G39, Contemporary Temporary Artspace, Cardiff

shown on a hand held TV moniter, housed inside a box/plinth made from an old peice of furniture all placed in the pink cupboard under the stairs

link to g39 website information

the video is made up of a series of stills fading into each other - is there movement? Is there stillness?