Monday, 31 December 2001

Caerdydd - Clunderwen - Caerdydd

Tactile Bosch, selected group show.

very large photographic work of train window images from the above journey, mainly of Port Talbot.

the space between

Have I ever been to Port Talbot?
Inside and outside, moving and stationary. Reflections in glass - where do they exist? The glass is thin, but as I focus the lens, I go beyond the glass. Focus on the glass and the beyond, the real outside, (especially the industry of Port Talbot particularly the steel works, remembered from geography lessons at the age of 11), is still there, but out of focus. I’ve never stopped in the town, only passed through, probably hundreds of times. My eye can’t focus both on the near glass and the far landscape. Focus on the glass for dirt and rain and scratches, memories. Where are you when you travel? An investigation of memory, seeing and landscape, within travel.
An ongoing series of work Clunderwen – Caerdydd – Clunderwen; Charing Cross – Charlton – Charing Cross and other journeys that occur such as Caerdydd – Carlisle – Caerdydd.