Thursday, 20 August 2015

Out of Doors - Caerdydd/Cardiff

Coming up at the end of August....
enwi'r gwyllt = naming the wild 
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What happens when we name things?
How does it change our experience of those “things”? We see, we learn the name [either by reading or having someone tell us], we write the name and we are back into the visual – a code to translate back into the aural.
How can naming the plants change our experience of a place? How do names of plants affect how we see each different sort of plant? How much can names tell us about plants and their use and what people in the past thought of them?
Part of the life of the plant is made through photosynthesis, some plants are phototoxic or have particular photonastic attributes. Most of the inhabitants [plants, fungi, animals] of this planet are photosensitive; I am particularly so. This inspires me to use light as a basic recording material: camera-less photographic techniques such as cyanotypes and lumen prints.
Collecting plant names in English and the Brythonic languages is an ongoing project.
I lived close to Roath Park in the mid-1980s and the late 1990s.

out of doors

After the event:

Can you write lists in ink pen in the rain? yes. can you make cyanotypes in the rain? yes

cyantotypes made in collaboration with Paul Hetherington