Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Book Arts Fayre/Ffair Lyfrau Celf

I was at the ffotogallery Book Arts Fayre (why the "Y" spelling?)
A range of books: writing and imagery.

Including my Little Books...

top shelf or under the counter....

Ffair Lyfrau Celf/Book Arts Fayre
15 Awst/August
11.oo - 16.30
Turner House

Monday, 13 July 2009

Cosmic housekeeper: sweeping the yard.

art @ rhosygilwen

one square yard is swept.

what is the geometry of this? what is the space time dimension? which space am I sweeping? my headspace?
Somehow on the steps I felt more like I was shifting space, cleaning something in a parallel universe/somewhere else in the cosmos

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Holy Hiatus

26_05_08 005 cctv b

This ongoing collaboration between Maura Hazelden & Lou Laurens explores the relationship between the material and the immaterial through image, voice and movement. Can the physical change consciousness, create sacred space, evoke the “holy”?

Mae’r cydweithrediad parhaus hwn rhwng Maura Hazelden & Lou Laurens yn archwilio y berthynas rhwng y materol a’r anfaterol, drwy ddelwedd, llais a symudiad. A all y corfforol newi ymwybyddiaeth, creu gofod cysegredig, galw ar y ‘sanctaidd’?

Dydd Gwener Mai 22

4–10 y.p

Canolfan Byd Bychan


Bathouse Road, Aberteifi/Cardigan, Ceredigion SA43 1JY

Friday May 22

4 - 10 p.m

Small world Theatre


A limited audience at any one time, refreshments available

Cynulleidfa gyfyng ar unrhyw un adeg, lluniaeth ar gael.

The event builds on work commissioned for Holy Hiatus: Ritual & Community in Public Art (2008), an exhibition/symposium curated by Ruth Jones, and is showing a year to the day in the same space.

Maura & Lou will be working between 4.00 & 10.00 pm. They will interact with footage and recordings from last year’s performance, creating a multi-layered exploration with the potential to develop year on year. No booking necessary but at any one time there will be a limited audience; refreshments will be available for those waiting.

Some reactions to last year’s performance:

“A very beautiful feeling and mood evoked in the space”

“opening to quietness… very moving”

“It was quite amazing…There was a lot of thinking to be done after it”

“It was a very spiritual, prayerful experience”

As part of the event there will be a meditation/prayer space in the dance studio. It is an open invitation to explore meditation and prayer in silence or through movement.

unfunded untitled unrehearsed : heb deitl heb gyllid heb ymarfer

Holy Hiatus

Ritual and Community in Public Art

Defod a Chymuned mewn Celfyddyd Gyhoeddus

link to entry for original performance