Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Art at Rhosygilwen

I will be showing work at Art at Rhosygilwen, arts festival, July 3rd & 4th
in the exhibition:

Tarantela yn erbyn y wâl: dawns i arbed fy mywyd cyn i mi gyrraedd 50
Tarantella against the wall: a dance to save my life before I’m 50

Tarantella: a dance to remove the poison and melancholy of the spider's bite, a dance to save your life.

I examine myself, my body …not a youthful body any longer, physical limitations, psoriasis, notions of depression, melancholy and what are we do about such emotions?
Alongside this are my continuing investigations of movement and stillness, which captures movement best, moving or still images (wrote my first essay on this in 1983)? In what ways do we believe photography? If I tell you this is taken with a compact camera with no cable release; and these are not stills from a video…. How do you read it?
At times it is impossible for me to dance due to psoriatic arthritis…so how do I set out to save my one, precious life? And how do I feel about wearing a petticoat in a smooth skinned slim youth beauty culture?
a slow tarantella by L' Arpeggiata - "remember you must die" can be listened to here
around and about:
Cosmic housekeeper: sweeping the yard
Gwraig cadw tŷ cosmig: ysgubo’r llathen
cosmic housekeeper : sweeping the yard i 4
Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. A square yard is defined by four tape measures – metric on one side, imperial the other, pinned together. A small quadrant of the universe is designated for cleaning. All manner of brushes and cloths are used.
Conversations sometimes occur… about domestic things, a particular one I remember is about an old tradition, from maybe just my locality, of cleaning slate floor slabs then drawing a pattern with dock leaves.