Tuesday, 3 September 2013


A guided tour of some of my work, particularly relating to language.
Link to a short biography & statement [with more links to specific exhibitions]

Main archive of work [this blog]

Experiments with language, written and spoken: Chwilio am geiriau

Relating to M.A. Performance Writing: Y lle hwn, yma

from Rhôd 2012: 23 minutes of writing, 7 minutes of reading
another text  recorded live [with its own links to further information.

Fold into the Haptic: work around an essay, that has been reworked and been part of an installation for Colony 13, touch textile text fold | cyffwrdd tecstilau testun plygiadI.  have yet to make a recording of the folded essay.

A sketch for Ysgwydd  which became a surround sound work shown at Y lle hwn yma

there are many links and wanderings possible through my blogs [Lists on my flo blog are a favourite little ongoing project] and Soundcloud

Folding into the Haptic an essay and an essay reduced by folding

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Colony 13

Colony 13 is half way through in Aberteifi/Cardigan, at three venues and some scatterings around the town
guided tours Friday 23rd August – 14:00 Tuesday 27th August – 14:00 open Saturday 24th August – 11:00-19:00 & Monday 26th August – 12:00-17:00

I am showing:

We Community - a written and spoken piece. [recording below]

colony 13 we community



colony 13 touch textile

this includes an essay and a rewriting of a folded essay
it is possible that Flo Fflach will blog on the exhibition as a whole, even if just with random visuals.

A set of images showing more of my work and the work from other people

Sunday, 14 April 2013

the recording from Reconcile | Cysoni III at Adar in 2012

lists of flowers from which Blodeuwedd is created in English, Welsh, Breton

A link to a separate blog with more information on the project

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Pride & Prejudice shortened further

By method of erasure I reduced Pride & Prejudice to descriptions pertaining to movement in, or descriptions of, space, past, present possible plus anything to do with letters – I did the same with Sense & Sensibility and Persuasion. This involves the movement of people, descriptions of rooms or houses, the drives to Pemberley, the crucial letters in each story. Pride & Prejudice was reduced further to spoken reading of 30 to 40 minutes duration – whilst still being recognisable to close readers of Jane Austen. This piece is the third layer: just the verbs of the original erasure version, the skeleton of space and movement in it – and the important letters. Is there anything recognisable to anyone else other than me? Could these be instructions for a performance?
This piece was recorded in the airing cupboard.

The work was "shown" in Dublin
Sound Devices: exploring literature through sound - Rathmines Library,
(Feb 2013) | Second in the Sound Devices podcast series.
[see comments]
in a slightly different form - an introduction and finish of two chapters with a single voice, the centre section overlaid