Tuesday, 3 September 2013


A guided tour of some of my work, particularly relating to language.
Link to a short biography & statement [with more links to specific exhibitions]

Main archive of work [this blog]

Experiments with language, written and spoken: Chwilio am geiriau

Relating to M.A. Performance Writing: Y lle hwn, yma

from Rhôd 2012: 23 minutes of writing, 7 minutes of reading
another text  recorded live [with its own links to further information.

Fold into the Haptic: work around an essay, that has been reworked and been part of an installation for Colony 13, touch textile text fold | cyffwrdd tecstilau testun plygiadI.  have yet to make a recording of the folded essay.

A sketch for Ysgwydd  which became a surround sound work shown at Y lle hwn yma

there are many links and wanderings possible through my blogs [Lists on my flo blog are a favourite little ongoing project] and Soundcloud

Folding into the Haptic an essay and an essay reduced by folding

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