Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dw'n crwydro'r byd yn chwilio am nghrud


at Beyond Text: Making and Unmaking Text
Centre for Creative Collaboration
January 28th 2011

I sat weaving, a man sat back to back with me reading my words, the words fragmented from their sentences to make new meaning.
We weave our complicated lives? Bad and good, distressing and pleasing. Can we hold it? Are we held by it? Re-making the words I present the difficult side of my life; they can then be held in your hand. Words are spoken. a sense of closeness for the performing strangers, each others movement felt by each other.
weave : leave. weft : left. public : private. truth?


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Arranged 7 curated by Becky Cremin & Ryan Ormonde
Funded & assisted by AHRC: beyond Text; Royal holloway, University of London and The Centre for Creative Collaboration.

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