Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PW12 at the Arnolfini

"Dw i'n Crwydro byd...." has had a new outing. A text created as a response to its showing in Falmouth has been added.

It was shown in the Lightroom at the Arnolfini for the Performance Writing weekend. The placing next to  Emilie O'Brian's "I'm doing this now" was thoughtful, connections of textile, body, making.

Follow this link for more information on "Dw i'n crwydro..."
A link to its showing at Contexture in Falmouth

a duel, duet, dual performance.
A reading and echoing of an erasure version of Pride & Prejudice [a link to a link for more information on the text] based on movement and space. One reads the other repeats until they can't continue, roles are swapped. Sometimes you hear the cry of mercy - that means stop and swap. A lot of laughter.
Performed with sonic artist Lou Laurens

There are photographs but due to reactions to my actions and words the copyright to show them publically has been withdrawn. 

the full unedited half hour recoding - note it was performed at the bottom of basically a very metallic stairwell!


Dru Marland said...

thank you! I enjoyed listneing to that. Sounds like you enjoyed doing it, too!

maura hazelden said...

yes, we laughed a lot!