Thursday, 30 June 2011

Contexture, University College Falmouth

Dw i'n crwydro'r byd yn chwilio am fy ngrud

Dw'n crwydro'r byd

Contexture, Woodlane Campus, University College Falmouth June 2011
woven paper on string, old paper [perhaps 40 years or more] printed, text printed on canvas.

about the creation
words printed on canvas

It was in a cube space of its own - I failed to take a photo of whole space - two people have said they will send image...but haven't...

by the accidental dropping of the D in the title, it became a question.
more words added on seing the work [it was in a lovely three sided]

Dw'n crwydro'r byd

this work started its creation for Beyond Text: Making Unmaking

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